Trademarks Are Valuable Business Assets

A trademark may be a word, name, symbol, or device that is used to identify and distinguish a good or service from competing goods and services. The importance of a trademark to a company’s brand, goodwill, and public image cannot be overstated. Trademarks can have many variations, and a business needs to have skilled legal guidance to help them through the trademark application process.

At John C. Laurence Law, PLLC​, our attorney helps businesses of all types and sizes with trademark applications and enforcement. We provide responsive, one-on-one service as we help meet all of your trademark-related needs.

Applying For And Enforcing Trademark Protection

Our lawyer handles all aspects of the trademark application process, including performing due diligence when it comes to investigating the trademark to ensure a similar application is not already in use, to advocating for a company’s interests before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

The primary benefit of receiving a trademark is that it enables a business to prevent other companies from using a confusingly similar mark for a similar good or service. This means another company may not benefit from the goodwill that a business has developed over time through the use of an identifying mark. If another company is infringing on a trademark, we can pursue enforcement actions and other legal remedies.

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