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When a person creates an expressive, tangible piece of work, such as a book, script, screenplay, photograph or piece of music, a copyright will automatically exist at the moment the original work is fixed. However, a copyright is largely symbolic unless a person registers the copyright with the Copyright Office. While a copyright may be registered at any time, many legal headaches may be avoided if a person registers the copyright as close as possible to when the work is created. This can help put an end to infringement and avoid the battles that arise when an infringing party attempts to register the copyright before the original creator. Registration and protection are more important than ever with creative materials swiftly being shared and made available over the internet.

At John C. Laurence Law, PLLC, our attorney helps guide artists and creators through the copyright registration process, ensuring things are carried out as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

Protecting Your Creative Works And Assigning Rights

A copyright gives the owner the exclusive right to perform, reproduce and distribute copies of the work. However, not everyone has the infrastructure available to display their works on any sort of scale. If you are a copyright holder, you may enter into a licensing agreement with another party that enables the other party to use the copyrighted material in a specific way. Our lawyer can help draft, review and negotiate licensing agreements to help you maintain control over your creative output in the way that best suits your needs.

Enforcing A Copyright

When a copyright is registered, you can enforce the use of the copyright and pursue legal action against people who infringe on the use of the copyright. We can help with enforcement and infringement actions for any registered copyrights.

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