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We are dedicated to safeguarding copyrights, trademarks and patents from prosecution and procurement to enforcement.

Protecting Creativity And Intellectual Property Rights

Creative works, inventions, trade secrets and the branding trademarks provide are valuable assets. At John C. Laurence Law, PLLC, in New York, we focus exclusively on helping individuals and businesses safeguard their intellectual property rights at every stage of the process. Our founding lawyer, John C. Laurence, is a skilled intellectual property lawyer with experience counseling a wide range of clients, from large corporations to individual creators. His practical background as a computer and electrical engineer provides a strong framework for understanding the technical issues involved in the real-world process of creating intellectual property. As an attorney, he has substantial experience in developing and maintaining national and international intellectual property portfolios.

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Intellectual Property Representation From Procurement To Enforcement

We are a full-service intellectual property firm. Attorney John C. Laurence has more than a decade of experience in IP law. We pride ourselves on providing thorough guidance and representation at every stage of the IP protection process. We help creators register and enforce copyrights, prosecute and defend trademarks, as well as prosecute and defend patents. Attorney Laurence has experience litigating infringement matters in court, as well as representing clients in matters before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. The scope of our practice includes helping clients obtain intellectual property protection in the United States and internationally.

Patent Filing Samples

Patent Sample Filing 1

Collapsible Travel Tumbler

Patent Sample Filing 2

Push-On Twist-Off Bottle Closure

Patent Sample Filing 3

System & Method For A Schemaless Database

Patent Sample Filing 4

Thermal Monitoring & Estimating System

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Your intellectual property rights are too important to leave unshielded and unprotected. To learn more about how experience in IP law and one-on-one representation can help you to safeguard your valuable assets, send us a message online now or call 917-997-9967. We offer flat fees for a variety of matters to provide you with upfront knowledge of the potential cost.

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